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MESA STEM Shadow Day


2017 MESA STEM Shadow Day will be on Thursday, November 16.


Through the San Diego MESA Alliance, pre-college and college students will have a unique experience to witness the “real world” of work in an engineering or scientific environment. Industry’s involvement will provide a great opportunity for our up and coming students to “test the waters” in a field of their interest and see first-hand how classroom skills relate to the workplace. What better way to do that, than observe and work with a professional in action! Employers can make a positive impact on the lives of students; future engineers and scientists!  Through this program, students can picture themselves in these positions; in the near future and can also create goals to get there.

Media Releases

View past MESA STEM Shadow Days on our San Diego MESA Alliance archives.

Info for industry/faculty/professionals

Step 1:  Please review the STEM Shadow Day Industry Info Packet (includes program overview, sample agenda, timeline, etc.):


  • MESA STEM Shadow Day Flyer (.doc) or (.pdf) or (.jpg)
  • MESA STEM Shadow Day Industry Info Packet 2017 (.doc) or (.pdf)
  • Sample media release form for multiple companies (.doc)
  • Sample media release form for specific company (.doc)
  • Sample waiver release liability form (.pdf)

Step 2:  After reviewing the STEM Shadow Day Industry Info Packet and you are still interested in hosting students, please register by either submitting an online registration using the link below or by e-mailing the print version to
Step 3:  Eric Pamintuan will e-mail to confirm receipt and follow-up with any questions or comments.

Info for students

Step 1:  Please review the STEM Shadow Day Student Info Packet (includes program overview, sample agenda, timeline, etc.):


  • MESA STEM Shadow Day Flyer (.doc) or (.pdf) or (.jpg)
  • MESA STEM Shadow Day Student Info Packet 2017 (.doc) or (.pdf)

Step 2:  After reviewing the STEM Shadow Day Student Packet and you are still interested in participating, please register at the link below (as stated in Info Packet, registering does not guarantee a spot).
Student MESA STEM Shadow Day online registration:
Step 3:  If matched, you will be given further instructions and will be required to attend one (1) mandatory STEM Shadow Day Preparation meeting held at their home MESA campus.  Pre-college students (high school) will be informed by their MESA Director/Adviser of their meeting choice(s).

Note: Documents in Portable Document (PDF) require Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher to view; download Adobe Acrobat Reader here

2017 Timeline

  • February 15 (Wed): Industry registration opens 
  • August 11 (Fri):  Industry registration closes
  • August 22 (Tue): Student registration opens 
  • September 29 (Fri):  Student registration closes
  • October 1 (Sun): Student registration closes
  • October 9-13: Matched notices sent to student registrants and collection of any special documents 
  • October 20 (Fri): Student emergency opt-out date deadline 
  • October 23-27: Confirmations e-mailed to industry registrants 
  • Late October-Early November: High school student participants prep meeting(s) 
  • November 1 (Wed): San Diego State University student participants prep meeting(s)
  • November 2 (Thu):  San Diego City College & Southwestern College student participants prep meetings
  • November 16: MESA STEM Shadow Day! 
  • November 16-17: Online survey sent to industry and student participants

2017 Industry Participants

Last updated on 11/9/17.  Company name, student type to host, Shadow Day agenda timeframe (note timeframes do not incorporate transportation and check-in times):


  1. CH2M:
    • college freshmen and above
    • in various STEM disciplines
    • 8:45-3 pm
  2. Cubic (Transportation Systems):
    • college freshmen and above
    • in computer engineering, computer science
    • 9-2:30 pm
  3. Electrical Consultants Inc.:
    • high school seniors
    • in electrical engineering
    • 8-3 pm
  4. General Atomics (Inertial Fusion Technology division):
    • college sophomores and above
    • in electrical, chemical, materials engineering, physics
    • 9-3 pm
  5. Harris & Associates:
    • college sophomore/junior
    • in civil, construction, environmental engineering
    • 10-2 pm
  6. HDR Inc. (Transportation and Utility Management Services groups):
    • college freshmen and above
    • in civil, construction engineering
    • 9-2 pm
  7. HNTB:
    • college level junior/seniors
    • in civil, structural, transportation engineering
    • 9:15-2 pm
  8. Hologic:
    • college level junior/seniors
    • in computer, electrical, mechanical, bio, biomedical engineering, computer science
    • 9-1:30 pm
  9. Kyocera International Inc.:
    • college seniors
    • in mechanical engineering
    • 9:30-2 pm
  10. Nasland:
    • college freshmen and above
    • in civil engineering
    • 10-2 pm
  11. NAVAIR North Island Fleet Readiness Center Southwest:
    • college level junior/seniors
    • in aerospace, electrical, environmental, mechanical engineering
    • 8-2 pm
  12. Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Southwest:
    • college level seniors
    • in environmental engineering, science, geology
    • 8-3
  13. Northrop Grumman Mission Systems:
    • college level juniors/seniors
    • in computer science, computer, electrical, and mechanical engineering
    • 10-2:30 pm
  14. NV5:
    • college level sophomore-seniors
    • in civil, electrical, environmental, mechanical engineering
    • 9-1 pm
  15. Ocean Discovery Institute:
    • college level juniors/seniors
    • in various STEM disciplines
    • 9-2 pm
  16. Raytheon:
    • college freshmen and above
    • in aerospace, computer, electrical, mechanical engineering, computer science, cybersecurity
    • 9-2 pm
  17. Rick Engineering Company:
    • high school juniors and above
    • in civil, environmental engineering
    • 9-2:30 pm
  18. Safran Power Units:
    • college freshmen-juniors
    • in aerospace, computer, and mechanical engineering
    • 9-3 pm
  19. San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board:
    • college level sophomores and above
    • biology, geology, civil and environmental engineering, environmental sciences
    • 10-3 pm
  20. San Diego Gas & Electric (Lightwave and Ruffin):
    • college freshmen and above
    • in electrical engineering
    • 8:00-4:30 pm and 8:00-3:00 pm
  21. Solar Turbines (2 locations):
    • high school juniors/seniors, college level freshmen and above
    • in various STEM disciplines
    • 8:30-3 pm
  22. T.Y. Lin International Group
    • college level freshmen and above
    • in civil engineering
    • 10-2 pm
  23. UTC Aerospace Systems (Aerostructures):
    • college level freshmen-juniors
    • in aerospace, mechanical engineering
    • 8-1:30 pm
  24. Westpak, Inc.:
    • high school juniors/seniors
    • in industrial and mechanical engineering
    • 10:30-1 pm

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