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MESA's SCI 296 courses focus to instill excellent study and networking habits in students with an emphasis on collaborative learning and the use of small group teaching methods. This Credit/No Credit 1 unit course reinforces the material presented in class by providing additional problem solving techniques. The course is facilitated by an upperclassman who has previously taken the course and earned an "A" or "B". Participants work in groups which foster the networking skills facet of the program.



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(From left to right):  Candids from various SCI 296 sections.

MESA SCI 296 Schedule


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The Fall 2017 SCI 296 Academic Excellence Workshops are only for first time freshmen commuters, who are pre-registered into the SCI 296 Academic Excellence Workshop prior to, or during, SDSU's (freshmen) New Student Orientation.
The Spring 2018 SCI 296 are only for freshmen commuters, who will be given schedule #'s by either MESA program advisors or Student Life & Leadership's Commuter Life staff. 




MESA SCI 296 Spring 2018 Instructional Student Assistants (Left to right) - Christopher, Gardenia, and Laneiel.

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For further assistance in Chemistry, Engineering, Mathematics, and Physics courses, please visit those respective departments, visit the College of Engineering Student Affairs office for a flyer on other free tutoring options, such as the MESA-facilitated College of Engineering Tutoring Program.  The SDSU MARC program offers a free writing tutor.

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